wherever you go, there you are

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waking up at 6:30….ew.

may or may not be in the redye….. pick it up.

the last time i’ll be in my apartment until next thursday, weird!

first day back to work.

i am sunburned and cannot handle packing for 9 days in a backpack. so incredibly distracted (but just ordered death cabs new cd yayayay) what is my problem? =(

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It’s official.

After stumbling in at 6am this morning and eating half a bag of leftover movie theater popcorn, I have decided that I am getting too old for 21st birthday celebrations (and the nights that may as well be). Being hungover at 5pm is just… Bad.

Though, it was a lot of fun… Reminds me of my partying prime AKA fall 2010. Maybe a little too much like that, actually. Ah well. Live and learn.